On November 23-24, 2011 in the premises of Kryvyi Rig City Special General Educational Boarding School for the Deaf Children there was III All-Ukrainian scientific-practical seminar held, entitled «Bilingual Education of the Non-Hearing Children in the Context of Children's Centrism», the organizators of which apart from the above mentioned school also are:
-Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine
-Sign Language Laboratory of the Institute of Special Pedagogics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
-Education and Science Management Department of Dniepropetrivsk City Districtal State Administration
-Ukrainian Society of the Deaf
-Ukrainian-Canadian Alliance of the Deaf and Hard-Of-Hearing Persons
-Union of the Non-Hearing Pedagogues.
            Working languages of the seminar were the Ukrainian and the Ukrainian Sign Languages.
The programme of the seminar provisioned for the first day of its agenda the following events:
*Attendance of lessons and studying sessions:
-the lesson in the second class «Me and Ukraine» (teacher Larina L.A.);
-the lesson of Ukrainian Sign Language in the 7th-A class (teacher Vasych O.O.);
-the study session in the «hearing» study room with pupils of the third class (teacher-defectologist of the hearing study room Luchko L.V.);
-integrated study of mathematics and informatics in the fifth class (teacher Kobylianska O.I.);
-optional study under the theme «Man and the World of Professions in the 10th Class»
- (the teacher Nazarenko V.G.);
-psychological training session in the professional self-determination of senior schoolchildren (practical psychologist Mrs.Gryshyna O.V., social pedagogue Synchuk O.A.);
-individual study of the development of hearing-visual-tactile perception of speech and the formation of pronunciation in the fourth class (teacher Goncharova L.V.);
*creative report of the collective group of pupils and pedagogues upon the experience in bilingual work of the artistic-esthetic trait:
-artistic report of the impersonators' theater «Adults and Children» in the direction of their creative work, headlined «Costumes Designing», with the students demonstrating their homemade costumes;
-choreograpfic routine «Confeso», performed by the chief Olena Berezovska and trainees of the Centre of Children's Art (the Centre «The Perl»);
-poppuri in performance of the young pedagogues, the SL song-recital «Dedicated to My Mum»;
-the song «Deaf-Mutic Love» in performance of the pedagogues and the students of the 10th class and others.
*the plenary meeting
            The next/On the second day there was the prolongation of the plenary meeting, after which there was the examplary training lesson shown on Ukrainian Sign Lannguage, entitled «Portrait of the Person» (held by the scientific collaborator/scholar of the Sign Language Laboratory of the Institute of Special Pedagogics of the National Academy of Pedagogical Science of Ukraine). Seminar ended up with the round-table discussions on the theme «Experience Exchange» and by the summing up of conclusions on work in the seminar.
            The themes of the reports, delivered during the work in the plenary meeting, were various and reflected the topicality, essence, methodology and progressiveness of bilingual education. Remarkably, during the seminar the following persons took their floor:
On behalf of the Ministry of Educationa and Science Labaichuk G.F., the scientific collaborator of the Department of Means of Education and New Technologies in the Sphere of Education of the Institute of Innovational  Technologies and the Content of Education at the Ministry of Education and Science, delivered the report on the theme «Oragizational-Juridical Basics for Functioning of the Special Educational Establishments in a Modern Juridical Field». In the report Labaichuk G.F. stressed that (in connection with the ratification by Ukraine of the UNO Convention «On Rights of the Persons with Disabilities» and with the validity of the current educational juridical documentation) the Ministry of Education and Science has improved the strategic tasks of the state policy for the children with special needs; she accentualized the attention to the importance of collaboration with civic organizations, including the Ukrainian Society of the Deaf; informed about the fact that the new regulation for Pedagigical Medical Psychological Commission is now being in the stage of its development; called on all the present to improve in places the work with the parents of deaf children and children with hearing impairments.
Kulbida S.V.
, the superintendent of the Sign Language Laboratory of the Institute of Special Pedagogics  of the National Academy of Pedagocial Sciences of Ukraine, the doctor of pedagogical sciences, senior scientific collaborator, made a report on the theme «Conceptual Regulations On Bilingual Education of the Non-Hearing Persons». She widely enlarged upon the content and topicality of the bilingual education, presented to the attention of the audience the essence of the medical and socio-cultural concept of deafness; widely explained the views on the role of education, in which it is the child who should always play the leading role as the individuality and not as the disabled person. In connection with this she paid attention of the directors of the schools to the necessity of application of modern innovational methods and technologies, which should promoted the revelation of individual potential of the child in the condition of its bilingual education.
Lutsenko L.M., director of Kryvyi Rig City Special General Educational Boarding School for the Deaf Children: the theme of the report «Kryvyi Rig City Special General Educational Boarding-School for the Deaf Children On the Watershed of the Centuries». With love to its school and pedagogical collective Lubov Myckolaivna recited to the seminar participants about the introduction of innovational designs into educational-training process from the point of view of acknowledgement/perception of the trainees as such, as they are; she stressed upon the fact that the collective is working now on the creation of sign language environment in the school, within conditions of which the non-hearing persons can actively form their individuality of as bilingual users; she showed the video fragment of the interview, taken by the local TV studio, in which the problems of the hearing parents were highlighted, in the family of which the deaf children are now being raised up.
Chepchina I.I.
, the first deputy of the Chairperson of the Central Board of the Ukrainian Society of the Deaf, delivered her report «The Non-Hearing Child in the Conceptual Directions of the Activity of the World Federation of the Deaf». In this report there the content of the legislative documents both of the famous international community, and also of the Ukrainian State was highlighted, they are the documents, which refer to the bilingual education of the non-hearing children and their right on receiving the education by the accessible language of education — the sign one. Iryna Ivanivna clearly stated/announced the articles of the above-mentioned documents, in accordance with which there must be educational-training process of the non-hearing children provided in Ukrainian special schools.
Adamiuk N.B., assistant professor of the Sign Language Laboratory of the Institute of Special Pedagogics of the National Academy of Pedagogical Science of Ukraine: in the report «Main demands to the qualitative deliverance of lessons on the Ukrainian Sign Language» she revealed the factors: negative and positive ones, which inevitably arise with introduction of the new subject «Ukrainian Sign Language» in the school register; she accentuated the attention to the mistakes in the process of handling a lesson and enlarged upon the demands to its qualitative organization.

Iezhova T.Ie., candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior teacher at the Chair of Social Pedagogics and Correctional Education at the Institute of Psycology and Social Pedagogics of Kyiv University after Boris Grynchenko, reported on the theme «Topical questions of social rehabilitation of the children of hearing impairments», in which she highlighted the pecularities of correctional-developmental work during post-classes period and problems of professional orientation and development/upbringing.
Savchenko O.O., the head of the Board of Ukrainian-Canadian Alliance for the Deaf and Hard-Of-Hearing, the Chief of the Department on Hearing and Speech Development and Special facilities of education of the Centre of hearing rehabilitation «Aurora», candidate of pedagogical sciences, made a report on the theme «Usage of special technical and computer programme facilities in bilingual education of the deaf children», where he paid the attention to the necessity and importance of usage of special educational facilities, which give possibility of full-fledged presentation of information through the object's visibility, electronic guide books, audio-visual materials, internet and by means of minutes, subtitles and computer means.
Lukianova S.P., the deputy of director of educational-training work of the Scientific-Productional Enterprise «Universal» of the Ukrainian Society of the Deaf in the city of Poltava. The report's theme «Pecularities of plunging into Ukrainian Sign Language during the courses for the biginners», in which she stressed the necessity of improvement of the status of the Ukrainian Sign Language; she stressed that with promotion by the UkSD and by the Laboratory of Sign Language of the National Academy of the Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine we have now achieved a much more organized fundamental preparation level of sign language interpreters.
Vorobel G.M., director of Khmelnitsky City General Educational-Training Establishment «Scool-Kindergarten» for the children with hearing impairments. The theme of the report: «On the experience of working of the educational-training establishment «School-Kindergarten» for the children with hearing impairments in conditions of bilingual education», in which there the working experience of the Khmelnistky City General Educational-Upbringing establishment «Schhool-Kindergarten» for the children with hearing impairments was highlighted; there was the conviction expressed, that the education has to be communicated through both a sign language and oral speech, which will promote the providing of  access to better understanding the environment.
Sokhatsky F.M., prorector of science and international links of Vinnitsa Social-Economic Institute of the University «Ukraine», doctor of physics-mathematical sciences with the theme pecularities of rendering higher education to persons with hearing disabilities upon specialities «Documentation Studies and Informational Activities» and «Health of the Human Being»; it was stated that among 1500 students there were 100 persons with special needs, and 30 students out of them did have hearing impairments problems.
Vasylieva K.I., senior teacher in Kharkiv National Pedagogiccal University after G.S.Skovoroda with the report's theme «Experience of teaching sign language in Kharkiv National Pedagogical University after G.S.Skovoroda», where she highlighted the main achievements in teaching Sign Lnaguage in the University; she stressed that in the University they taught the course «The Basics of Surdotranslation», which has the following constituents: history of the development of dactylology, dactylology as a subject, a sign language; there functions the amateur club «Non-Verbal Means of Communication», to the meeting of which all the people who have ties with the world of the non-hearing people were invited.
Kamenska M., the President of the Union of the Non-Hearing Pedagogues, the main editor of the newspaper of the Ukrainian Society of the Deaf «Our Life» took the floor with her report «The Activity of the Union of the Non-Hearing Pedagogues in the Strategy of Development of Bilingual Education». She recited about the trends of activity of the Union, about the achievements and the conjoint findings of Sign Language Laboratory of the National Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine together with the Central Board of the Ukrainian Society fo the Deaf; the practical  benefit in implementation of bilingual education in the following seminar will be demonstrated by the following printed editions: the guide book «The Child From the World of Silence», selection of scientific works «Sign Language and Contemporaneity», cubic placards, authorical programmes and others.
Kurzina M.O., the sign language teacher of the highest category of Mykolaiv City Special General Educational Boarding-Scool for the children with hearing impairments in the report entitled «Studying of the subject «Ukrainian Sign Language» as one out of the several conditions of qualitative integration of the non-hearing child into society» stressed upon the necessity of formation of individuality of the deaf person as being free, full-fledged civilian; she recited about her experience of waging intergated lessons conjointly with a psycholigist, organizing lesson-trips; discussion of etiques' regulations of sign language, purchasing the gift to one's mum at her birthday and so on.
Kobel I.G., senior teacher of the Chair of General and Special Pedagogics of the Ukrainian Catholic University, doctor of Philosophy, candidate of pedagogical sciences. The theme of her report was entitled «Seven questions to the parents, who behave the deaf child», she enlarged upon the experience with education of the deaf in the USA; «I am Deaf and I am proud of it» - this is the famous quotation, which must become the pledge for success in lives of the non-hearing persons.

Koval A.A.
, director of the private enterprise in the city of Vinnitsa, the parent of the non-hearing child in the loud silence delivered his report on the theme «Experience of educational development of the non-hearing child by eyes of its native hearing father», where by simple wording and understandable words he recited the fact that he came to understanding that one should know and respect the language and culture of one's own child not only with the aim to speak with it as a father on a language of gestures but also with the aim that the father should recognize this language in full sense and with his help the child could freely get integrated into the world of the hearing persons. «Probably the God made my daughter being non-hearing just on purpose so that I got to know the world of the Deaf and helped the Deaf» - told Andriy Andriiovych.
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